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Mathematical Error

The Mule needs to be mentally prepared for frequent calls from the Chieftain’s mathematics teacher in future.

The mummy brought the Chieftain to his holiday class this morning, and on their way there, while on the bus, the mummy tested the Chieftain’s mathematical capability. The mummy asked, “What is two minus one?”

The chieftain held up 2 fingers on his left hand, and counted loudly, “Two minus…”, then he held another finger on his right hand, and continue counting, “one, throw away one… ” Clenched his right hand, looked at the fingers on his left hand, and answered proudly, “TWO!”

The mummy couldn’t stop laughing and thought perhaps she should try something that he could visualize. She asked, ” If I have 3 apples, and you ate one…” Before she could finish her sentence, the Chieftain covered his mouth with his hands, and interrupted, “No! I don’t want to eat apple!”


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