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Looking at you sleep tonight
It just dawn on me that
this might the last year that you will enjoy being a carefree little child
as you are turning six
For when next year arrives
you will start another chapter of your life.


You will learn maths
You will learn science
And you will learn the way of life


I hope those coming year will not be a chore
and you will find happiness in your endeavor.


Looking at you sleep tonight
It just made me realize
these might be the last few years that you will find my company a delight
as you are turning six
For when you grow up
You will have your own path of life.


You will have friends
You will have colleagues
And you will have your new love of life


I hope the future will be fulfilling for you
and when the time arrives, I have to remember to let you go


It has been such wonderful years
From new born to taking your first steps
From calling me papa for the first time to chatting before you sleep


One day you will have your own family
and a child you call your own
and I truly hope that you will have as much joy from the child
as I got them from you.


– The Mule

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