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God Doesn’t Like Durians

The Chieftain was chatting with his mummy at the back of the car. As his usual self, was full of questions. He asked, “Is there pig pig in Wati’s village?” The mum trying to find a simple way to explain to the Cheiftain on religion, replied, “no, Wati’s God doesn’t like pig pig.”

“Why?” The Chieftain asked again.

The mum, thought for awhile, answered, ” you see, just like Grandma doesn’t use beef to offer to the Gods at home, it is because they don’t like beef.”

The Chieftain was satisfied with the explanation, went into deep thoughts for a moment, and told the mum, “Grandma’s Gods don’t like Durians too.”

Curious, the mum asked, “Why do you say that?”

“It is because the Durians Grandma put at the altar were untouched, the Gods didn’t eat them!”

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