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Meritocracy – Thank Your Fortune

Education is a hot topic recently again, the Mule dug into his old archive and found some articles that were not published, and here is one of the articles:

The Chieftain told his Mule about a pair of twin girls in his class. Apparently, they do not hand up their home assignments most of the time. The school has a diary system for the kids to jot down their homework, and parents can check what are the homework for the day, including reminders about tests and spelling.

So, for the kids not to attempt any homework at all, parents do hold a large part of the responsibility. There maybe numerous reasons for that, and that’s not the topic of discussion here. Though technically, the twins were given the same chance of success as other kids in the school, but in reality, they are already in a greatly disadvantaged position which is of no fault of them, and unfortunately, if there is no help in place, they will be penalized in future in the form of examinations (unless they are super genius).

The Mule has a good friend who is a teacher with a heart. He teaches the disadvantaged kids, and at one point of time, was with the Northlight School. During their usual night out, over a beer, he would tell the Mule stories of some of his students. There was this girl in his class who would absent from school frequently, the reason? Her mum had left the family and she has a bed ridden dad to take care of… A father of another kid would call the friend almost every month end, and hope he could understand that the kid wanted to go school, but they have run out of transportation money.

On the other hand, the Chieftain has a fair chance of success, though his mathematics is pretty weak, he is lucky in a sense that his Mule will put him to tuition if needed be. Other more well to do families, could on top of sending the kids to top tuition centers like Whitney Houston (sounded something like that), enroll them to other enrichment classes that will “spur their interest and open up their mind through active engagement”.

Though education is virtually free as far as basic is concerned, but as in the case of ancient China, the kids born to well to do family even if he/she is of mediocre caliber, will have a far better chance of success in life.

Finally, a message to the elites a highly successful person, don’t congratulate yourself too much, part of your success is owed to the family you are born into. Thank your parents for not depleting the family fortune, thank them for the ability to guide you, or at least have a thick wallet to hire external tutors to help you.

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