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Meritocracy – Thank your Lucky Stars

Luck, cannot be scientifically quantified and is beyond our sphere of control. We are afraid of it, deny its existence, and downplay the importance of its influence to our lives. As the Mule ages, his intelligence shrank, but at the same time he gained much wisdom, that is, blame everything to luck.

Need proofs? How do you explain a person who just struck the first prize in lottery? No, it was his systematic approach, coupled with years of analysis of the winning numbers, and betting on the most efficient combinations of the numbers.

If there is no luck involved, action A will always have consequence B, a perfect Newtonian equation. Why is it sometimes you speed on the highway and get a speeding ticket, and sometimes not? No, it is because I have studied over the years the pattern of traffic police patrol…

Think you got the idea.

When critical junctures of our life is determined by one examination, pray that bad luck doesn’t strike you on that day or weeks before that event. This will affect your next school, next path, and probably the rest of your life. You might still be successful in life, but some goals might be forever beyond your reach.

By our human nature, we tend to take more credit for success, and tried our best to shred our responsibilities for failure. So when reading biographies and listen to success stories, always read with a little pinch of salt. Bill Gates will never say, our lucky stars shone brightly on that fateful day when Allen and me bummed into a software company executive who didn’t know what to do with their operating system software!

For the rest of us, who does not have much luck, pray that the company that you are working now does not relocate or close down…

One final message to the elites a highly successful person, don’t congratulate yourself too much, besides thanking your fortune and the current system, don’t forget to thank your lucky stars, because sometimes you are just at the right place at the right time, and nothing bad had happened to screw your examinations.

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