The name FOONG Village is from direct Chinese translation of the word “blog” — “bu luo ge”. “Bu Luo” also means village.

The blog underwent a couple of transitions. It started as a self hosted website, using Joomla for content management. However, Joomla was too complicated for the dumb Mule to manage– the photo album, blog, and etc, became very disjointed. Hard to admit, it was very ugly not a nice sight.

The Mule came across “Webon” by Lycos later which somewhat has shown promises. It offers an integrated site builder which is very easy to use. But the downsides were, the page editing was slow, and sometimes images did not stay at the intended location. It became increasing irritating for the Mule to even post a blog there. If you wish, you can visit the old site by clicking on this link.

Finally, after a couple of years, the Mule thought of giving self hosting another chance, and this time he will experiment with WordPress, which to the Mule’s surprise, has improved so much over the few years, and it is possible to make simple but yet beautiful site/ blog with it.

Hope you enjoy our new home as much as we do.

second from left is the Chieftain


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